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SILVER CITY is a European transnational project funded by the South East Europe Programme (www.southeast-europe.net), with the active membership of 7 different legal bodies, representing 6 cities/territories: district 14 of Budapest (Zugló), Maribor, Zagreb, Burgas, Galati and Province of Treviso. During the project’s life-time partners will carry out a smart list of tasks including joint situation analysis, testing and evaluating pilot projects and promoting the best solutions for a wider audience in the field of active ageing.

These activities are linked to 3 specific objectives:

  • Revisiting the competences, functions and potentials for municipalities to become main drivers of involving seniors in local socio-economic activities thus contributing to inclusive growth areas
  • Tackle the socio-economic and urban development aspects and other framework conditions
  • Change the mindset of local employers, policy makers and seniors regarding the potential role and value of seniors in contributing to sustainable communities and growth.

So, SILVER CITY partners firstly establish local stakeholder platforms with municipalities, employment services, senior representation groups, training providers and local employers, leading to sustainable cooperation models/agreements. This is important, because the project outputs shall be elaborated together with local stakeholders, in due partnership.


Secondly, in the frame of a situation analysis, partners map out the legislative/policy framework, strategies, financial incentives, employability and training programmes leading to identification of models to be tested. This process will be fostered by exchange and learning activities such as peer reviews or thematic workshops.


After the situation analysis we will test innovative tools in the frame of the local pilot action.


Based on the results of the situation analysis and the pilot implementation partners draft local implementation plans about supporting active ageing at local level (ensuring long-term implementation of tested or checked activities and providing endorsement), while the SILVER CITY partnership creates the Transnational Silver City Action Plan, which address gaps at transnational level and define actions maximising synergies to and capitalisation of existing initiatives/projects.